Healing circle values

Forming group connections

The groups are made up of 6-8 individuals, often based around similar gender identities or experiences. This group is intended to be a judgment-free, supportive environment. Involvement in healing circles allows members of the group to connect with others who may be experiencing a similar shift in their sense of self, fear or anxiety, or other resulting outcomes of trauma. Additionally, it allows for participants to have an external support system and a source to reach out to if other support systems are unavailable or disconnected from the individual’s particular experience.

Finding justice vs. healing.

Healing is the process by which those who have been hurt undergo restoration. Justice is a means by which harm is transformed through its identification into growth and repair, most often for the person who has caused the harm. Thus, the two are separate activities – while healing and justice are both impactful, healing is a more introspective process.Identifying the differences between these ideas allows a person who has experienced sexual assault to identify what measures will help them cope with their individual circumstances.We explore the concepts of restorative and transformative justice in the group to aid participants in determining what justice means to them individually. These conversations are intended to help delineate distinctions between finding healing, closure, and justice.

Creating a toolkit.

We offer a multifaceted approach to these groups because we understand that what works for one participant does not always work for another. We hope that by creating a space where participants can explore various trauma-informed types of healing, they can determine which coping mechanisms work best for them and utilize them beyond the end of the program