About healing circles

General circles

For one of the weekly sessions, participants meet with the group’s main facilitator for a 90-minute guided psycho-educational sex-positive session in which topics such as the following are discussed:

  • How to initiate and navigate healthy relationships with one’s body after traumatic experiences
  • Understanding and navigating one’s own sexuality
  • How to work together with current or future partners, how to address issues that arise
  • How to resolve feelings of guilt, shame, fear or embarrassment
  • Connecting to one’s body physically and mentally
  • How to set up and enforce boundaries
  • Focusing on the future:  how to move forward in one’s relationships and their sense of sexuality/sense of self

For the other sessions, participants have community check-ins or meet with facilitators of various healing backgrounds to help our participants build a toolbox of coping skills that they can utilize along the rest of their healing journey.

Specialized circles

Art Healing

This group meets once a week, for 8 weeks, with 2-hour sessions. Participants will be introduced to different art materials and new techniques that they can use to express themself visually. We will provide specific art directives to help them explore their feelings, emotions and thoughts in a safe and gentle manner. Some directives are theme-based, such as "draw a door or draw a bridge", and some are 3-D projects, like mask making and clay molding. Each session concludes with sharing of the art products and discussion of their creative experience. At the end of the program, we plan to have a Final Art Exhibition featuring the artwork produced by the participants. No art background or skills required! 

Music Healing

This is an 8-week program that meets for 90 minutes a week. Music healing is the specialized use of music by a credentialed professional who develops individualized treatment and supportive interventions for people of all ages and ability levels to address their social, emotional, physical, cognitive, sensory, communication and spiritual needs. Past session activities include drumming workshops, sound baths, lyric analysis sessions, music for coping and relaxation, and song writing sessions.

Transformational Yoga

This group meets for 2-hour sessions, once a week, over 8 weeks. Each session focuses on an integral approach: body, mind, thought, emotion, breath. Compared to Western yoga (likely the type you are familiar with), it's much gentler, and meditation and breathwork play a huge role. Trauma is stored in the body, and movement can be used to transfer the trauma out. Join us if you’re looking for gentle, movement-based healing or coping practices. The group will be based on movement and activities, but will also leave room for participants to stay on and talk after sessions end.

We also use

Art Healing

Creating art has proven to help decrease stress and anxiety. For these sessions, group members are guided in how to utilize different mediums to express their emotions and to relieve stress. Activities include variations of collaging, painting, and coloring.

Yoga Healing

Introductory level yoga sessions aid participants in connecting to their bodies, finding their strengths, and beginning the journey to forgiveness within themselves.

Drama Healing

Drama exercises such as mask therapy, creating personal hero journeys, and positive affirmations aid participants to practice creating and understanding personal narratives.

Music Healing

Music and lyricism help process emotions and trauma through exercises such as collective songwriting, creating melodies, and analyzing song lyrics.

Meditation-Mindfulness Healing

Participants are called to focus on the self and break down the emotional and physical reactions to triggers and trauma through exercises such as body scanning. Through practicing physical and emotional self-awareness, participants can practice connecting to their bodies and feeling comfortable with their emotions.

Dance-Movement Healing

Body-based coping mechanisms are used to help with stress, anxiety, and depression such as self-touch or progressive muscle relaxation. These aid participants in being as truthful and authentic with themselves as possible through movement.

Poetry Healing

Through listening to and discussing poetry, participants are able to process and conceptualize trauma in original, meaningful ways.

Sound Healing

By learning about the ways the parasympathetic nervous system works and being guided through different sounds in a sound bath, participants are able to reduce anxiety, stress and process past traumas.

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